Medical Devices in World Health Organization

Medical technologies are a pillar for health care delivery. They are required from prevention and screening, through diagnosis, treatment and even for palliative care, and are used since newborn through our life, as well as in outbreaks and emergencies. Without medical devices we cannot achieve universal health coverage nor the Sustainable development goals But medical technologies need to be first safe, of good quality. To increase Access to them it is required that they must follow the 4 A’s principles: Appropriate to the setting Acceptable to health care workers and users, Affordable to be included in priority health interventions and Available in the health services.

WHO has developed the list of Essential in vitro diagnostics and priority medical devices for cancer and maternal health to guide countries on the technologies required.

Nevertheless, even the essential and priority medical devices/ technologies, are not accessible to those that need the most to eliminate diseases and treat the diagnosed ones.

Together with governments, professional and trade associations, we will present the advances and programmes to increase access to medical technologies in the WHO 4th Global Forum on medical devices in India, 13-15 December 2018.