Background of the Forum

Considering that countries need medical devices to achieve universal health coverage, respond to health emergencies, and keep population safe; and that Member States recognized in resolution WHA 60.29, that medical devices are indispensable for health care delivery but their selection, regulation and use presents enormous challenges, WHO proposed to organize the 4th Global Forum on Medical Devices.

WHO has organized the 1st Global Forum in Bangkok in 2010, the 2nd in Geneva in 2013 and the 3rd also in Geneva in 2017, which had around 600 participants from 100 plus Member States. They have been the main dissemination place to share information on medical devices for Global Health.

The 4th WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices programme includes session of best practices, challenges, new tools on innovation, regulation, assessment, management (procurement, technical specifications, donations, maintenance and appropriate safe use), of medical devices as well as to present the list of priority medical devices by health care facility, disease or clinical interventions.

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Statement on the Fourth WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices